Golden State Warriors’ Golden Child Steph Curry Signs $201 million Contract


(via Complex)

The Golden State Warriors won this year’s NBA championships, and the members of the team just keep on winning. Stephen Curry, the point guard who has truly become the star of the show recently made history.

Curry is the first NBA star to sign a contract with the payout being over $200 million.

This is also a huge leap from his initial $44 million contract.

Since being drafted to the NBA in 2009, Curry has proven his unbelievable skill set when it comes to being on the basketball court, and he’s become one of the top names in the NBA within the last few years. His rise to NBA stardom came from him naturally being a great player on the court, especially when it comes to shooting his shot. He rarely ever misses. His career 3-point shooting average is the third-highest of all time with a 43.8 percentage.

Watching Curry play is like watching a beautifully choreographed dance between him and the ball. His execution game is A1. The 29-year-old will only get better.

Although he’s the top player on the list of free agents for this offseason, the Golden State Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob was/is confident Curry will remain a warrior.

“We're going to do whatever it takes to keep Steph here and happy, and I know he wants to be here and we want him here. So, I do not anticipate any issues with him staying”, Lacob told the Bay Area News Group.

Well with a 5-year contract worth $201 million on the table, it probably won’t be that hard for Curry to decide. LeBron James even congratulated Curry on his history-making contract deal. As a three-time All-NBA first-team performer, two-time league MVP, and four-time All-Star, we would say Stephen Curry deserves this win.