About 25 years ago, one of Atlanta’s most famous staples was built. The Georgia Dome was not only the home stadium for the Atlanta Falcons but it served as the centerpiece of downtown Atlanta.

It even made it into a few rap songs. The Georgia Dome was a part of culture. However, as with most of Atlanta, it too, had to go. Atlanta has been undergoing major changes. The city’s population is growing and new infrastructures are being created.

Gentrification is giving Atlanta the business!

On Monday morning (Nov. 20), the Georgia Dome imploded, but it didn’t go down without a fight. In fact, according to reports, parts of the dome are still standing after the implosion.

The Atlanta we used to know is becoming more and more history. While it’s good to see the city being renovated, it’s still hard to ignore all the history that is being wiped away right before our very eyes.

If you are an Atlanta native, seeing the dome implode probably hurt your heart a little. Let’s have a moment of silence for the Georgia Dome (1992-2017). The dome may be gone but the memories will live on.