Op-Ed: The First Presidential Debate between Clinton and Trump Was More Like A Petty Boxing Match

(via rawconservative.com)

Last night (Sept.26), the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. The debate was moderated by anchor Lester Holt.

The debate was pretty entertaining. Both candidates definitely came ready to box, however, what was supposed to be an intellectual debate on political issues, ended up becoming a “who can take the most jabs and upper cuts” contest.

Trump and Clinton were too busy trying to get in their “punches” and more interested in hitting below the belt in the many attempts to make each other look bad, to really focus on the real issues.

There was also a lot of dancing around the questions on both ends. The 90-minute showdown showed us all that even presidential candidates can be petty and childish. While topics such as ISIS, police brutality, police reform, the state of the economy, immigration, the educational system, etc. should’ve been the focus, neither candidate gave us solid answers on anything. They didn’t even allow each other to answer the questions, or finish statements without disrupting each other and Lester Holt, the moderator, may as well had not even been there in the room.

Furthermore, when addressing the state of the black community within the United States, Trump and Hillary spoke as if African Americans were this helpless anomaly. It also seemed like both were just saying whatever they felt they needed to say to prove they were down with the black community and knew what was needed to help the community thrive.

Overall, the whole 90 minutes was like watching two mediocre battle rappers go head-to-head, saying as many punchlines as possible in order to discredit their opponent and get a reaction from the crowd.

Doesn’t matter if Trump or Hillary gets elected, we are all in for a ride either way.

The next debate will feature the VPs on October 4th at Longwood University in Farmville, VA. Round 2 of the presidential debate will be Sunday, October 9th at Washington University in St. Louis.

If you missed the first debate, check it out below: