Kanye West Becomes A Golden Lord And Meets With President-Elect Donald Trump

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Kanye West has finally left the hospital after being hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center for sleep deprivation, and where he also had a psychiatric evaluation according to reports.  

Since Ye’s extended hospital stay, there’s been all sorts of reports popping up about his marriage with Kim Kardashian as well as concerns about the state of his mental health. Many fans and Ye spectators have questioned his mental state long before now, but the most recent events has definitely made people question his sanity even more.

Kanye West emerged with blonde hair days ago, and then he ended up at Trump Tower where he was filmed awkwardly standing next to president-elect Donald Trump saying he just wanted to take a picture. Apparently, the two met to discuss “multicultural issues”.

Of course, everyone’s slightly confused about Kanye’s actions.

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Recently, rapper Rick Ross made an interesting statement during an event saying “One time for Yeezy. My homie a genius, and for everybody that thought he was wiggin’ out, he played ya’ll n*ggas.”

Does Ross know something we don’t know? Is this all a publicity stunt? Is Ye doing all of this to prove a point? Is he really a Trump supporter? Or is Mr. West really losing his mind right before our eyes?

Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z…

But no seriously, we need answers, what is going on with Kanye West?


written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL