In 2013, 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson’s lifeless body was found wrapped up in a wrestling mat at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia.


The original cause of death reported was positional asphyxia, which is what happens when a person’s position prevents them from breathing properly. Apparently, Kendrick Johnson had fallen into the mat and his death was accidental. However, this did not sit well with his parents. They decided to investigate further. A forensic examiner was hired and discovered missing organs and blunt force trauma to Johnson’s body.


The discovery rocked the nation. It was reported that Johnson’s body was even stuffed with newspaper.The story became more and more bizarre. Only one of the boys accused were named (Brian Bell) and his father happened to be a former FBI agent.


In 2016, the case was closed due to “insufficient evidence”. The Johnsons decided to sue school officials, the GBI, and the boys who were accused. After withdrawing their case with the plan to file again later, they were hit with a court ordered slap of injustice. According to reports, the Johnsons are now being asked to pay $300k to those they accused of murdering their son.


A family who wrongfully lost their son and had to endure what seems like a massive cover up, is now being asked to pay up. The justice system once again proves how selective it is when it comes to serving actual justice.  Why are the victims being victimized in further by the very system set in place for their protection?

What are your thoughts on this case?