Lavar Ball Stands By ZO2 Sneaker Prices

Lavar Ball will either go down in history as the most supportive dad ever, or as the most delusional.

The way he stans for his son Lonzo Ball has become the topic of discussion on the sports circuit. The unwavering faith he has in his son is quite impressive.

After learning that Under Armor, Nike, and Adidas didn’t want to give Lonzo an endorsement deal, the Balls decided to do their own thing. The father and son duo has released the ZO2 sneaker under their Big Baller Brand. The shoe has everyone talking, but not about the shoe itself. Everyone’s talking about the price tag. The sneakers are going for $495. Many are shocked by the price. Is Lavar setting his son up for failure before he ever even gets his foot in the door?

During an interview on FS1's Undisputed, Lavar Ball defended the price of the shoe. When the co-host mentioned how Michael Jordan couldn’t even “command $100 for a pair of sneakers as a rookie”, Lavar responded confidently. "Because he ain't Lonzo Ball, that's why”, he said.

If Lonzo Ball doesn't end up living up to all his father’s hype, it would definitely suck for him. On another note, it is pretty cool to see a father go as hard as Lavar goes for his son, no matter how annoying he may be to outsiders.

Unfortunately, the sneaker sales aren’t looking too good. According to reports, less than 300 were sold on the release day.

Check out the ZO2 sneaker commercial below.