Lebron James: Game 7 Lessons

If you were tuned in to watch the NBA Game 7 Finals, you got to witness basketball history. Lebron James stepped up and not only defeated the 73-9 Golden State Warriors, but he kept his word, and delivered on a promise he made to the city of Cleveland. He and the Cavs also made NBA history by being the first team to ever come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA finals.

(photo via foxsports.com)

Whether you are a Lebron fan or hater, you have to admit, the brotha got game. He showed us what hard work and dedication can manifest. There were just as many doubters and people praying for his downfall, as there were people cheering him on and praying for a win. “Lebron talk” has always been known to stir up a little controversy among NBA fans, but time and time again, Lebron seems to pull through when it matters most. Lebron’s journey to this championship taught us a few things that can be applied to our everyday lives:

Stay committed.

It’s Monday. Stay committed to whatever goals you have set for the week. Obstacles may come your way and some changes may occur but keep your focus on your goals. Hold yourself accountable for getting done what you need to get done no matter what. Being able to stay committed when it matters throughout life in general will help you win every time.

Taking a Step back to re-strategize is sometimes necessary.

After winning the championship, Lebron said he had to “change up his approach a little bit on how he approached the game”, he had to change up his “blueprint” from how he originally started out the series. Sometimes you have to change up the execution method in order to win the game. If you find yourself stuck this week, or at any point in life for that matter, take a step back and revisit your strategy. We have to learn to make adjustments to our blueprint when we see we are not getting our desired results. Many of us continue to lose, simply because we are afraid to use a different technique, or take a different path. It’s okay to change it up sometimes. This could very well be the deciding factor on you gaining a win or taking an L.

Block out the naysayers.

We all know Lebron has a lot of naysayers (even I was one of them. yep, I was rooting for the golden team) but the Cavs showed out, you have to give them their props. In the midst of all the hate, they still managed to deliver. What goals or dreams have you not been accomplishing simply because of what others have said to you? Have you doubted your own ability based off the lack of ability someone else has for themselves being reflected onto you?

You have to learn to block the “haters”. Everyone won’t see your vision. Everyone won’t believe in your dream. You may even find “hate” coming from family and friends, the people who you would expect to always have your back. But the truth is, it’s hard to get the support from people who have continued to sleep on their own dreams. How can they support yours when they have lost all hope in their own? You have to keep pushing. You have to believe in yourself. You have to put in the time, the effort, and the dedication it takes to win the game and lead yourself to victory. Block out the negativity and take the winning shot!

Game 7 will definitely be a game that goes down in the history books. Both teams played well, but the Cavs were just the team that ended up on top.

Are you doing all you can to win? How are you setting up your plays to increase the likelihood of you winning at this game called life?

-Chandra Meadows - POP ATL