Jordan Peele Becomes First African American Director/Writer To Have Debut Film Reach $100 Million

(via moviefone)

Comedian Jordan Peele surprised everyone with the creation of his debut film Get Out.

With a $4.5 million budget and the cast mostly consisting of fresh actors and actresses, Get Out turned out to be everything Hollywood never even knew it was missing.

The film tackled multiple social topics but the concept of racism is what made this film what it was. Racism is a huge issue within society. Some people choose to ignore it, some choose to just accept it for what it is, while others actually try to build up resistance against it. The African American community has been subjected to racism for as long as African Americans  been in America.

At this point, racism is basically a part of black culture. It’s something that kind of comes with the territory. So do we accept this as our truth or do we fight it?

Jordan Peele decided to shine light on the topic from a cinematic perspective. Perhaps the whole “art imitating life” thing can be applied here. Get Out puts you right in the mix of the horror of racism.  

Peele has become the first African American director and writer to reach a $100 million for a debut film. The film has even been given a new genre of its own, Social Horror.

Have you seen the movie Get Out? How do you feel about the storyline line leading with the subject of racism? Let us know your thoughts.