Magician David Blaine Shoots Himself In The Mouth During Near-Deadly Stunt

(via Beyond Magic, Channel 4)

David Blaine is known for his outrageous magic tricks. He’s done some of the craziest stunts, stunts that would surely leave the average person in the hospital or even worse. However, he’s always managed to pull off his tricks effortlessly it seems.

Well until now.

Blaine recently performed at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas where he attempted to do a stunt that involved shooting a bullet into his mouth. The trick was supposed to result with the bullet inside of a small cup inside of his mouth, but something went wrong. The shield put in place to stop the bullet from going further shattered and Blaine felt the bullet go to the back of his throat.

“I was sure the bullet went right through my head and that I was dead,” Blaine told reporters.

However, the bullet didn’t go through his head and the magician was okay. Blaine will probably not perform this trick for a while, or maybe he will, after all it is David Blaine we are talking about.

It’s good that he is safe, very close call.