Man And Woman Duo Sentenced To Prison For Terrorizing Black Family In Georgia

(via NBC News)

This past Monday, a man and woman was sentenced to prison for an incident that occurred in 2015.

Kayla Norton and Jose Torres decided it was a good idea to terrorize and taunt black people at a child’s birthday party. The incident happened in Douglasville, Georgia. Video footage from the party shows trucks on the street with confederate flags as people shouted threats and racial slurs from them.

According to reports, Norton and Torres engaged the most, and therefore caught a harsher sentence. Norton was sentenced to 15 years, serving six for street gang terrorism and terroristic threats. Torres was sentenced to 20 years, serving 13 in prison for street gang terrorism, terroristic threats, and aggravated assault.

Superior Court Judge William McClain, the judge who sentenced them, called the incident a “hate crime”.

While many hate crimes often goes unpunished, it’s good to see some progress Dbeing made in the judicial department. Hate crimes have always been a thing, but they are definitely being put more under the microscope with the help of social media and smartphones.

Norton and Torres were a part of a terrorist group called “Respect the Flag”. 15 other members were indicted as well.