Mary J Blige’s Divorce May End up Being Pay Day for Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband?


R&B Singer Mary J. Blige, has given us classics for years. Her heartfelt, soulful songs of heartbreak, passion, and love will always be the perfect go to whenever you are in your feelings and needing someone to relate to your pain.

However, it seems MJB’s love life may have turned into one of her songs. While her personal life has been pretty drama-free, or at least kept away from the media, her recent move for divorce has shined a light on just how ugly divorces can really become.

She married her manager, Kendu Isaacs back in 2003 and now they are in the middle of trying to finalize a divorce. Isaacs is requesting spousal support in the large sum of $130, 000 to be paid monthly, according to reports.

The sum will allegedly cover rent, personal trainers, private chefs, clothing, mortgages on properties, and charities.

He is also trying to get Blige to pay $5,000 in child support for kids that aren’t even hers.

It’s very unfortunate that Mary J. Blige is going through what seems like a nasty breakup, but hopefully she is able to come out of this situation on top and debt free.