Aside from his catchy ad libs, Master P is also known for his savvy business moves.

He continues to flex his entrepreneurial muscle by starting more companies and having more ownership. When it comes to financial freedom, Master P is the poster child.

In recent news, he has ventured into the world of tech, and it seems he has plans to leave his mark too. Master P, or Percy Miller has launched a company called Day Runner.


Day Runner is a rideshare and delivery app that provides 24-hour service. According to reports, this new transportation company may come out bigger than Uber.


The services range from supply pick-up to vehicle drop-offs.


During a time where “buying up the block” and supporting black owned businesses is the thing to talk about, Mr. Miller is actually walking the walk. This isn’t his first move either, he’s been dominating the chess board for a while now.

We can learn a lot about business from Percy Miller. He was dabbling in entrepreneurship before it was a trending topic. Through Day Runner, contractors are given more power and presented with more opportunities to make even more revenue.

Okay, Master P, we see you.