Just about everyone has had an opinion on NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s actions. Actions that led to him putting his entire career on the line to stand up for police brutality.

Many have turned their backs on Kaepernick. Some reports have even said that he’s now being “blackballed” by the league. You would think Kaepernick did some awful thing by the way some people have responded to his decision to exercise his right to stand up and speak out on injustice.

Very little people are faulting the league for not standing behind him. Instead, he’s being left in the cold. He’s become the guy no one wants to play with because they don’t want the type of press and attention it may bring.

According to reports, local social leaders are taking a stand in honor of Kaepernick. There’s a possibility that there may be a boycott of the Chargers and Rams preseason games if Kaepernick isn’t signed.

Hopefully, more people will get on board in support of Colin Kaepernick.