NASA News: 7 Earth-Size Planets Found Orbiting Dwarf Star


According to NASA and European astronomers, 7 earth-size planets have been found orbiting around a dwarf star called Trappist-1. These planets are approximately 235 trillion miles from earth. Astronomers are also saying these planets could potentially harbor life.

“This is the first time so many planets of this kind are found around the same star”, said Michael Gillon, the leader of an international team that has been observing the dwarf star.

New discoveries within and outside of our solar system are becoming more and more frequent. Perhaps we will discover that there may even be other human life outside of earth? Now that would be a groundbreaking discovery. However, for now, we must settle for the possibility.

There’s bound to be more information to come from this recent discovery, as astronomers continue to observe the Trappist-1, and its surrounding planets.