People Continue To Revolt Against Trump’s Presidency

(via Twitter)

Donald Trump becoming president is still something that shocks most Americans. Since he’s been in office, just about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. There’s been many different controversies that have surrounded the White House throughout the years. However, Trump will surely go down in history as one of the most controversial presidents we have had thus far.

He’s basically overstepped every legal boundary you can think of when it comes to the rules and regulations for being president.

It’s surprising that he is still in office while under a major investigation due to very serious allegations.

Those who oppose Trump and his whole operation have been pretty vocal.

This past Monday night (May 15), the words Pay Trump Bribes Here were projected on the front of Trump’s hotel in D.C.





Oh, but it didn’t stop there…


Multimedia artist Robin Bell claimed to be behind these projections. He posted: “Had a lot of fun projecting #emolumentswelcome on Trump hotel” via Twitter and Instagram shortly after. We can all probably count on Trump tweeting about this very soon.