Revolt TV Being Sued For “Reverse” Racism?

(via pitchfork)

Apparently, members of the Caucasian community feel discriminated against by Revolt TV. Revolt is a music cable network curated by hip hop mogul P. Diddy.

5 white men have decided to file a reverse discrimination lawsuit against the network. Why? Because they feel they were discriminated against for not being “young, hip, and black”. The company fired the team of men back in 2014.

Is reverse racism really thing? Maybe the network realized the group of men simply didn’t bring to the table what was needed to move the company further? The 5 producers also claim that black staff members were never approached about bad behavior, and that executives ignored when workers came in the office intoxicated and hungover.

The claims for the suit seem really petty. It comes off as disgruntled ex-employees attempting to retaliate for being fired, which is understandable. No one likes being fired. However, white men crying reverse racism? Are we really doing this? What are your thoughts on this story?