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There’s a lot going on in this country right now. There’s a lot of angst and negative energy brewing. The tension in the air is extremely high, but let’s not forget to highlight our wins. Let’s not forget to still spread love and light amongst each other.

Seeing positive images and stories of resilience will help us maintain at least a little bit of sanity within this mad society. We need to be inspired.

Serena Williams winning her seventh Wimbledon title is the perfect dose of inspiration. The 34-year-old tennis player has been unapologetic in her level of skill, talent, and blackness, since she first stepped foot into the world of professional tennis. Her strength, athleticism, and dedication to herself, her family, and to the game, has been remarkable to witness.

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Tying Steffi Graf’s Open-era record for Grand Slam singles titles, Williams gained her 22nd title with a 7-5,6-3 victory. Earlier this year, Williams lost two previous Grand Slam finals, so this victory was something she had been fighting for.

If we don’t take anything else from Serena Williams’ win, we can surely take some inspiration and apply it to accomplishing our own goals and aspirations. Your dreams are worth fighting for and despite all the chaos currently unfolding, the pursuit of happiness and freedom is your birthright.

Hard work and dedication will never go out of style.

“It make the victory even sweeter to know how hard I worked for it.”

– Serena Williams

Congratulations Serena!

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written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL