Shea Moisture Becomes Latest Company To Upset The Internet

Social media has been on it lately when it comes to calling out brands for not representing, or misrepresenting the black community.

Shea Moisture is the latest brand to be under fire for a poor choice in the type ads used to promote their products. The company released a commercial that is a part of a campaign series that didn’t seem to sit well with many consumers.


In the commercial, it seems Shea Moisture is attempting to appeal more to all women, not just African American women. However, the main issue people have with the commercial is the lack of representation for the hair texture the company has represented for years. A lot of customers who have supported the company from the beginning didn’t feel the commercial included their long-term core market in the ad.


Since the release of the commercial, Shea Moisture has issued an apology and said they would pull the ad. However, the damage may have already been done. The internet has already basically disowned the company and added it to the list of businesses to boycott.


In the midst of the ad fiasco, people have learned that Shea Moisture decided a while ago to link with Bain Capital, an investment firm founded by Bill Bain and Mitt Romney. Perhaps this has something to do with the company's move to appeal to women outside of the black community? 

Regardless, Black people will continue to experience these types of issues as long as we aren’t in control of what is being created and marketed to our community. Of course, there isn’t an easy fix to these issues but maybe more energy should be put towards coming up with solutions? What are your thoughts on this situation?