Smoochr: The Dating Site That Allows You To Choose The Hair And Complexion Of Your Potential Matches

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In the age of hook-ups, situationships, and confusing interactions, more people seem to be open to alternative forms of dating.

Due to the rise of social media, online dating has become less of this weird thing you don’t tell your friends about, to being way more acceptable by the masses. These days, finding potential love interests via the World Wide Web is pretty normal and encouraged by many.

Meeting people on a random aisle at the supermarket is so 2005 right?

Online dating sites and apps have become more popular. Dating sites such as Tender, Plenty Of Fish, and OkCupid, has been seeing way more love from those who are eager to mix and mingle on the dating scene.

The latest addition to the online dating pool is Smoochr. A few months ago, it was the talk of Black Twitter once people saw the options for finding a match. On’s homepage, it's opening messages read:

Discover Black Singles by complexion, hair style, moral views and more.

Find your match with our compatibility test, VIEWS.

Joining is free and quick, find someone you like.

The fact that you are able to select people based off detailed physical features is what ruffled the feathers of the flock of people who were outraged the most.

It’s interesting that people’s responses to the dating site was so extreme. Although the annoyance is understandable, people are still very much so entitled to have their own preferences. We should not judge compatibility of physical appearances alone, but let’s face it, we live in a very superficial world. Everyone notice looks before anything else, especially since it’s usually the first thing you experience. Plus, it’s very likely that people generally only approach those who match their physical preferences in real life interactions anyway.

This site isn’t doing anything different from what we do normally on a daily basis.

What are your thoughts on this very specific way of finding dating matches?


written by Chandra Meadow for POP ATL