Super Bowl LI: The Day After

(via 11Alive)

Last night’s Super Bowl was painful to watch at some point on both ends, but in the end, the New England Patriots took home the Super Bowl win.

At first, it looked like we were actually going to win a Super Bowl. The Atlanta Falcons were playing flawlessly during the first half of the game. Julio Jones was getting it in and of course, Matt Ryan was doing his thing as well. So what happened?

It appears the Falcons may have gotten too ahead of themselves and started to not play as hard as they did in the beginning. With an initial 28-3 lead, the Falcons gave the Patriots the chance to make a comeback.  The Pats ended up tying the game at 28-28, which took the game into overtime. This was the first time a Super Bowl game had ever gone into overtime in the history of the Super Bowl.

The Atlanta Falcons were so close to getting a win. It was truly heartbreaking to watch the odds quickly go from being pretty good to not going to happen within minutes. However, both teams still played a good game. The Falcons definitely gave the Patriots a run for their money, and after 18 years, since the last Super Bowl appearance, the Falcons definitely showed that they do have what it takes to win. We just have to learn to be consistent when it comes to maintaining the winning lead and executing the plays.

Yeah, we lost. Atlanta shall mourn today but let’s not get stuck in a slump. Let’s hope this was a huge lesson for the Falcons. Let’s hope this will be ammunition for them to train and go harder next season.

Regardless, this was one hell of a game. Definitely one for the history books.