Taco Bell and Lyft may be opening the doors of a whole new experience when it comes to ride-sharing.

According to reports, The Fast food chain Taco bell will be partnering up with Lyft to introduce the “in-app Taco mode’ option.

This option will come with a free Doritos Locos Taco while you are headed to your destination via Lyft.

This experimental marketing strategy just may be brilliant. Restaurants teaming up with ride shares isn’t new, see Uber Eats. However, actually being able to hit up a drive through on one of those late nights and receive free food is pretty awesome.

The in-app Taco mode will be tested in Orange County, California from July 27-30 and Aug. 3-6

The rest of the country will be able to experience the new app mode in 2018. So stay tuned.