What started out as a rumor has been confirmed as true, according to reports. Apparently, iPhones really do slow down after you have used them for at least a year.

The lithium-ion battery used in the phone's charges decrease over time, which can led to the phone randomly malfunctioning. So, Apple slows down the phone after a year to limit the use of a battery that is losing its charges regardless.

While this sounds all nice and commendable, it’s really not at all. One can’t help but think that it’s all really a marketing ploy to get people to buy the latest iPhone. You would think there should be some type of indestructible phone out by now, especially with the price points of these “higher end” cellular devices. iPhones aren’t cheap.

Now that Apple has admitted to slowing down phones, will this stop people from buying them? Probably not. Apple has pretty much succeeded at selling the iPhone experience as a part of the culture.

But at least you now know you aren’t tripping. You can count on your phone to slow down after at least a year of use. At the end of the day, capitalism is the name of the game folks.