‘The Get Down’ Won’t Be Coming Back To Netflix For A Second Season

(via Bustle)

The musical drama series The Get Down will not be renewed for a second season, according to reports.

Narrated by Nas, the series tells the story of hip hop, dream chasing, and what it was like to be in the Bronx in the 70’s. Many movies, shows, and docs have been created telling the same hip hop based stories, but The Get Down came with something different.

The way the stories unfolded were genius. The way each character was introduced, made you feel like you really knew them. The Get Down explored the history of some of the key elements of hip hop in a new and creative way. The series was simply gold.

Unfortunately, there will not be another season of the show. Apparently, The Get Down is one of Netflix’s most expensive shows and although it is a great show, maybe the money just wasn’t being made back?

The viewers may not have been there because if they were, there would really be no other reason to not renew the show.

Netflix should invest in more ways to advertise their shows. Yes, you can go on Netflix and see the new releases, but what about the people who don’t have accounts already? Better advertising for the Netflix Originals could lead to more subscriptions as well as increased viewership.

Let’s just hope The Get Down will make a return, it’s way too good of a show to just let it disappear.