Thanks to an employee at Twitter Inc., Donald Trump’s Twitter account was suspended this past Thursday.

Apparently, it was the employer’s last day in the office and he or she decided to go out with a bang. And this “bang” just so happened to involve the deletion of Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

The account was only deactivated for about 11 mins. according to reports, but hey, we take what we can get. The 11 mins. without a Trump Tweet was worth it.

Current president Donald Trump, has been known for his ridiculous policies and his Twitter fingers. He has used Twitter to share his stream of often questionable thoughts and opinions on social issues, public policies, and celeb news. It’s been almost like watching a CNN/TMZ clash.

While most of us wouldn’t mind if we never saw another Tweet from Donald Trump again, his account is back live and active. To the genius employer who deactivated his account, not all superheros wear capes. Thank you for your service to this country.