A teacher from Milwaukee named Terrance Sims released a video of his students doing something a little different inside of the classroom.


He released footage of his students rapping in what appears to be a music video titled Excellence First. Two young ladies lead the song and video with very empowering lyrics.


Aside from the fact that these girls can rap, the lyrics are what really shine. They offer words of encouragement, positivity, and inspiration over Tee Grizzley's First Day out track.


The video has since gone viral on the internet due to just about everyone reposting clips from the video. After watching the girls go off, it’s impossible to not want to share it. The public-school system gets a bad rap most of the time, and its rightfully so because there is a lot wrong with the system, especially within the urban communities.


However, the spotlight always being placed on what’s wrong often keeps what’s right in the dark. There are many teachers out there who bring real value, hope, and inspiration into their classrooms.


This video is a prime example of what can happen when a teacher is able to meet their students at their level and get them involved in the curriculum. School should be more than students sitting at a desk being bombarded with textbooks and tests all day. Kids like to be active and what better way to catch student’s attention then through music?


Check out the video below.