Viola Davis Wins Oscar And Gives A Remarkable Acceptance Speech

(via E! Online)

It’s no secret that Viola Davis is a genius in front of the camera. With every role she takes on, she manages to put her whole soul into each one. At least that what it seems when you are watching her in character. Davis is one of those actresses who embodies their characters so flawlessly, that you almost forget you are watching someone act out a scene. This is how you know you’ve mastered the art of acting, when your audience starts to forget where you and your character begin and end. Davis has definitely mastered this.

During the 89th Academy Awards Ceremony, Davis took home an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the film Fences. This win made Davis the first African American actress to receive a Golden Globe, Tony, and Oscar.

Viola Davis has been such an inspiration to many as she has broken barriers in Hollywood, and opened doors for more people who look like her to walk through. She has made us see how beautiful it is to be unapologetic in your truth, and how empowering it is to shine your light as boldly as you would like.

Check out her acceptance speech below: