[WATCH] United Airlines Incident Video Footage Cause Outrage

(via Tripadvisor)

United Airlines has been under fire since footage of airline employees mistreating a passenger surfaced. On the video, you can see 69-year-old David Dao being forcefully dragged out of his seat and removed from the flight in order to make room for someone else.

Since the airing of the video footage, people have started to protest and many have a lot of questions for United Airlines. Was it really necessary to use excessive force in this situation?

According to reports, Dao lost two front teeth and suffered from a concussion.

"What happened to my dad should never have happened to any human being, regardless of the circumstances," his daughter Crystal Pepper said during a news conference in Chicago.

The altercation has caused much concern for the safety of United Airlines passengers.

There is also talks of Dao suing the company.

United Airlines and other airlines will more than likely be undergoing close evaluations of their policies and treatment of passengers in the future. United may also end up losing a lot of money in the process.