Will Men Rompers Be This Summer’s Style Trend?

(via Kickstarter)

The creators of RompHim have set the internet on fire, and it all started with a Kickstarter.

Through a successful Kickstarter launch, RompHim has rebranded rompers, which are one-piece outer garments typically worn by women.

However, men no longer have to feel left out. Guys can get in on the “romp” action as well. While the romper concept isn’t completely new to men’s fashion (jumpsuits are basically rompers with a different name), RompHim has still raised some eyebrows.

This emergence of the “Bro Romper” is causing a ruckus on the world wide web. It’s even got people questioning masculinity. Although, the male romper wouldn’t necessarily be the most feminine article of clothing that has appeared on a man’s clothing rack (see Prince).

The concept of RompHim isn’t even the most shocking thing about this story.

The fact that the Kickstarter for these male rompers was launched 27 days ago and is currently at $115,954 in pledge funds, is the real shocker. Their original goal was only $10,000. Apparently, there are a lot of guys who are definitely interested in adding a few rompers to their wardrobe.

Can we expect to see men everywhere sporting RompHim creations this summer?


Check out the RompHim Kickstarter Here.