According to reports, the Atlanta Public School system is running out of money. Schools are asking the courts to “allow the district to collect property taxes immediately.” Apparently, The Fulton County Commission’s decision to cut down on property tax assessments is what triggered this decline in funds for Atlanta Public Schools.


Since property taxes make up a large amount of the school system’s budget, the lack of funding will cause for the district to shut down some schools.


There isn’t enough money to pay teachers or to keep the school buildings up and running. This is very unfortunate news for Atlanta Public Schools.


While the fact that many will be out of jobs is pretty bad, it’s even more disheartening to think about the toll this will have on the students.


In the midst of Atlanta’s revamp, it’s interesting to see education taking a blow as the city continues to build. It takes about $85 million a month to run the district. Fulton County’s Superintendent Jeff Rose reported that the district “will not have cash flow to make it into December”, nor will they be able to pay people.


What's really going on in Atlanta?