Young Thug Owes Limo Company Over $18,000 In Unpaid Rides?


So apparently Young Thug has been living it up with free limo rides this year.

According to reports, Hollywood Stars Limousine, a limousine company based out of California is suing the rapper.

Thug took 11 rides with the limousine company and ditched the bill. The company is saying Young Thug owes them $18,676 for rides taken earlier this year. It seems Thug can’t stay out of trouble because he was also recently arrested in Atlanta for failure to appear in court.

We doubt Young Thug is low on cash, so maybe he’s just being reckless and not really caring about the consequences? And let’s not forgot the video of Thug  recently bashing two black women who were airport employees.

We all know how some people can take the whole celebrity lifestyle to a whole other annoying level, and it seems Young Thug is consistently pushing that envelope.