Mitch Lowe, one of Netflix’s co-founders, is attempting to give the movie industry some of the creative juice that has made Netflix the head of the streaming market. Lowe is currently the CEO of a startup called MoviePass, a subscription based movie ticketing services.

MoviePass will be offering movie theatre subscriptions for $9.95. This will allow those who purchase the monthly subscription to see a movie once a day at any movie theatre in the country.

The company was initially founded in 2011. Mitch Lowe was appointed CEO of MoviePass in 2016. He’s definitely coming in to shake things up and he just may make MoviePass the “next big thing”. Movie theaters has suffered from a decline in sales due to the rise of online movie streaming services such as Netflix. If MoviePass works, it could actually restore the popularity movie theaters once had. We may not see the rise soon but it may not be too far away from becoming a reality.