At this point, seeing Donald Trump’s name in the headlines or hearing his name in the media due to him saying or doing something rude and unnecessary is pretty much a common thing now.

He will surely go down in history as one of the most insensitively idiotic presidents of our time.

It was recently reported that Trump referred to African countries as “shitholes”  while discussing the topic of immigration. Trump’s bigotry shouldn’t come as a surprise but the reports definitely left people appalled.

The fact that Donald Trump has probably done and said every single thing someone in a presidential position could do and say that could lead to backlash, public resentment, and even impeachment is mind blowing, especially since he remains in office. 

The whole “not my president” movement is cool and all in theory, but we are all really living in a country where a big business tycoon reality star is the president, and his decisions and actions will and do affect us.

However, the saddest thing about it all is that Donald Trump is probably the perfect representation for what America has stood for since its creation. No, not the “land of the free” or “justice for all” rhetoric, but the capitalist system that basically continues to empower those who are rich and white.

Trump calling African countries “shitholes” is very disheartening but then again, what more did you expect from an orange man with a blonde toupee?